A Narrative of the Life of Mrs. Mary Jemison

One World Christmas

Nature Dance

Life Givers

Enchanted Garden

Sacred Ground Bitter TearsTribute to Johnny Cash

Eagle Cries

Peace and Power

Covenant - Grammy Nomination

Sacred Ground - Grammy Award



Covenant - Grammy Nomination


Peacemakers Journey - Grammy Nomination

Warrior in Two Worlds


Elmer and Friends

Life Blood

All Spirits Sing

Once in a Red Moon

Loving Ways

Joanne Shenandoah

Artwork by 

Robert Griffing

Path to Zero with Jonathan Elias, Sting,  Bono, Sinead Occonor, 

Joanne & Leah sing on Title Track Path to Zero w/Jim Morrison

Produced by Jonathan Elias



As I make this journey in life, I’ve found that most people around the world are compassionate about our Mother Earth and concerned about the environmental changes effecting all living things.  We are told to remain eternally grateful for the blessings of life, to use only what we need and to respect the rights of those unborn unto the seventh generation. We believe balance and harmony are realized when the natural world has a voice in the affairs of human beings and each one of us is free to live in accordance wit our Creator given talents.


This is my world music collection  which I call “Evolutionary Native Dance “.   I created and recorded  the album with friends from North America, Persia, Spain and Germany.  The music has been composed over the past two decades and is dedicated to fans of Native music across the planet. 


Artwork by the fantastic artist and dear friend Robert Orduno – White Crow, Chumash Nation

Special love to daughter Leah Shenandoah (Vocals) & husband Doug George-Kanentiio (Lyrics/Humans)

Copyright 2013 Joanne Shenandoah  (Independent)

Title track "Nature Dance" also available on Wolf Benefit CD

Lifegivers CD Coverart-1

Oneida-Iroquois Life Cycles of Women - New Age - Meditation

Lifegivers is a tribute to the life cycles of women from the first beating of the heart to when her spirit leaves to walk across the stars along the Milky Way as she returns home to the Skyworld where she will be welcomed by her loved ones. Each song is meant to bring the listener to a place of celebration for every cycle of life. As I asked for these melodies to flow, I realized I was inspired by different aspects of rhythm and music from different cultures of the planet. It has been my great honor to be able to be embraced by many lifegivers of the world; new borns, young women, pregnant women, women in love, women who sing, women who teach, and women of wisdom.

She Sings


Best New Age Recording (NAMMYS) Meditation with Sheila Applegate and Leah shenandoah.  Excerpt from Meditation


Best Folk Recording NAMMYS AND ISMA with Michael Bucher. Songs from Johnny Cash, Peter LaFarge, Floyd Westerman and Joanne and Michael.  English language.

Riding Free

droppedImage 1

 Grammy Award for Songwriting and Vocals.  Features Bill Miller, Robert MIrabal, Star Nayea, Primeaux and Mike,Walela and Little Wolf Band.

Seeking Light


Original folk music with Neil Young, Bruce Cockburn, Bill Miller and Mary Younblood. Won Best Folks Recording NAMMYS.  English.

Watch Me Through the Night


 Best Compilation NAMMYS - Good for Massage, Yoga, Meditation. Oneida-Iroquois language.

Peace and Power


Grammy Nomination, Enya meets Rhythm.  Good for Yoga, meditation and massage. Oneida-Iroquois Language, featuring the late Chief Jake Swamp.

Giving Thanks


 PBS Special - Symphonic recording - full orchestra - Creation Stories of the Iroquois

Gerhard Rebmann- Iroquois Legends all in English.



  Best Spiritual Recording ISMA.  Hymns in the Oneida Language with my mother Maisie Shenandoah and her twin Liz Robert and Joanne throughout!

Amazing Grace


  Won best traditional recording Nammys.  Recorded with Lawrence Laughing all Native languages.

Prophecy Song


Grammy nomination. Emmy nomination.  Best New Age Recording  - Nammys.  Brings you to Peace, great for meditation, yoga and massage.  Liner notes give all translations.  Oneida-Iroquois language.

Mother of Nations


 Best sound track - NAMMYS.  Sound track for Ely Parker's Warrior in Two Worlds - PBS special.  A Seneca Chief, Brigadeer General who penned the terms of surrender at Appamattox - Civil War.

She Had a Dream

Best Traditional Recording - NAMMYS.  Great for lifting the spirit, meditation, yoga and massage.  Oneida-Iroquois language.  Women's songs. 

kahawi' Tha - She Carries It Along - Tribute to Leah Shenandoah


Best Children's recording - NAMMYS.  Great for all ages, in English.  This recording helps to build self esteem and is used nationwide in schools systems.

Light Up The World


Excellent for Meditation, Yoga and Massage.  Also for birthing and preparing for the journey to the spirit world.  With Peter Kater on piano, this recording is all in the Oneida-Iroquois language and media likened it to Enya.  Native language.  

Path of Beauty


  Folk - songs of Native life and struggles.  English.  Featured on Larry King Show, HBO, CBS, PBS and more.


English - love songs features "I May Want a Man", HBO, Northern Exposure, CBS. This recording is with Medicine Man A. Paul Ortega, Mescalero Apache.  

Combination of country and original folks songs written by Joanne Shenandoah and Floyd Westerman.  English.  HBO, Northern Exposure and scores of other documentaries.

I May Want A Man


Native & Country themes - original songs by Joanne Shenandoah &  Floyd Westerman.  Mostly English. Heard on HBO, CBS and Northern Exposure.

We Are The Iroquois

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