Release date:  December 6, 2016

Genre - Folk/Acoustic/Traditional music

Artists:  Joanne Shenandoah (Vocalist)  &

Bambi Niles, RN  *Therapeutic Harpist) "Lifting Spirits - Touching lives" 

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Certified & Therapeutic Harp Practioner, Parish Nurse, RN

& Hospice Volunteer

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With the belief in prayer, music and benevolence of the spiritual beings we offer this album. It is designed to achieve harmonic balance between mind, body and soul.

This photo was taken on Christmas Eve, Bethlehem (2012) when Joanne, her daughter Leah and husband Doug, were on tour with Project Peace On Earth.  It shows the manger where the prophet Yeshua (Jesus) was born.  The concert was meant to use music as one way of achieving peace.

In 2010, Joanne was struck from behind in her car by a driver that caused severe damage to her spinal cord.  Joanne had a disc replacement, which required the surgeon to make incisions through her throat near her vocal chords.  There was a serious risk to her voice but she recovered.  During the healing process Bambi Niles (RN and Harp Therapist) offered to come and play her music for Joanne.

In 2015 Joanne suffered an immune system breakdown, a serious abdominal infection and double pneumonia which caused liver failure.  Months of hospitalization and intensive medical care ensued.  In response to a national fundraising campaign Bambi kindly agreed to record the One World album with Joanne.

The album was recorded out of respect for all those who believe in the healing vibrations of music and for those who have sought the help from our spiritual guardians.  We are forever grateful to the Enlightened Ones.

Engineered by Mike Tripoli

Special Thanks to Dave & Patty Tyler

Recorded at Tylerlandstudios, Rome, NY


© Joanne Shenandoah 2018